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Q: Why should we have a professional video made when my friend or relative can film it on their video camera?

A: Your wedding day is something you have dreamed about all of your life, the day has been planned in detail for months, maybe even years, and then in just one day it is suddenly all over. In the enormity of the day it is difficult to take everything in, and there are many things that are missed completely. For example, the Bride won't be able to see her guests arriving and the Groom won't be able to see his Bride getting ready in the morning or arriving outside the church or venue with her Father. A video is the perfect way to capture everything that happens as a precious reminder of your day. Only a video can recall the vows, the speeches, the music and the laughter.

Having a professional videographer means that you do not have to rely on a friend or relative to film your day. Even with their best efforts, no friend or relative that is involved in the wedding will have the time or experience to make sure every important moment is caught on film.

By booking KROSS Video Productions you are securing professionals who film weddings every week, and know exactly what will happen and when. You are also guaranteed a wedding video shot on professional video cameras, and the use of additional microphones to ensure that nothing is missed. We always use tripods to ensure professional shots throughout. Finally, you are not only paying for your day to be filmed, but also to be professionally edited into a beautiful video that will be a lasting memory of your day that you will treasure for years to come.

Q: We have a photographer booked, why should we book a videographer as well?

A: A good photographer will always produce a great photographic record of your day for you, however there are many things that a still photo just cannot recall, such as your vows and the speeches. A video can also capture the fun and excitement of the day, showing your guests enjoying themselves and documenting the many things that have all come together to make your day so special. By having a videographer, so many precious moments can be captured forever to create a lasting memory of your day.

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: KROSS Video Productions prides itself on always using up-to-date professional equipment. We use professional Sony High Definition Video Cameras which always ensure a clear and crisp picture. Our cameras are of a discreet size and are used on professional tripods, which guarantees a steady image, and again less intrusion, as you do not have a videographer holding a big camera on their shoulder throughout the day.

We believe in capturing your day as it happens, with as little interference, to you and your guests, as possible. Therefore, although we can use lights on our cameras, we feel that these can simply highlight the fact that you are being filmed and therefore natural shots are very hard to obtain. We therefore try to avoid using extra lighting if possible.

To ensure an excellent quality of sound, we use a combination of stereo microphones attached to our video cameras, and professional lapel microphones. Any microphone will be placed discreetly, so as not to stand out to you or your guests.

All of our weddings are edited digitally in High Definition using the most recent professional editing applications. Your completed film will then be recorded directly to DVD and BluRay. Any future copies will again be recorded directly from the digital source.

Q: How many cameras do you use?

A: KROSS Video Productions always shoot every wedding using two cameras and two camera operators. This allows us to be flexible and un-intrusive. It means we can be in two places at once and also select the best shot when we come to edit your video. Not only does this mean we are able to offer you more content and more variety, but it also means that we don't have to move around at all during the ceremony. In fact, you will hardly notice that we are there at all.

All of our package costs include the use of two cameras. We are proud to be one of very few wedding video companies to offer a second camera as standard - always ensuring that you receive the best possible record of your wedding day.

Q: What style do you film in?

A: We firmly believe that the best way to capture your special day is to film it in a very natural way. We never set up any shots, we much prefer to film your day as it unfolds, and this means that you have a record of exactly what happened. With our powerful zoom lenses we prefer to keep out of everyone's way as much as possible. This ensures much more spontaneous behaviour from everyone being filmed, and ultimately produces a much better video.

At the editing stage, again we very much believe in capturing the mood of your day and creating a natural final film. We limit the amount of special effects used, as we feel these only distract from the content of your video. We use music at only the appropriate moments, and will be glad to make suggestions of suitable music that will enhance your video. We blend sentiment with entertainment, and use the editing process to keep the pace of your video upbeat and exciting, and above all something that you and your family will want to watch again and again for years to come.

Q: Will you disrupt the wedding as you set up shots?

A: We never set up any shots unless specifically requested to do so by you. We believe in filming your day as it unfolds, in a very natural style, enabling you to remember exactly what happened. Setting up shots is very unnatural and does not enable anyone being filmed to relax and just be themselves. In our experience, we always find the best footage is obtained when we can film completely unnoticed.

Q: I don't like being filmed, will the video cameras be intrusive?

A: We have filmed for many couples in the past who have had concerns about being filmed on their wedding day.  We will gladly demonstrate how we work and hopefully dispel any worries you may have. After all it is your big day and we in no way wish anyone to feel uncomfortable. We are proud to say that any couples who were initially unsure as to whether they should have a video, who have gone ahead, have all told us that they were so pleased that they did, and cannot think of a better way to remember everything that happened on their wedding day. It is such a special event in your life, and flies by so quickly, if you choose not to have a wedding video, you may find that you later regret it.

Q: Will the videographers get in the way of our photographer?

A: Absolutely not. We completely understand that you have paid for your photographer to do a job as well, and your photos are very important. We will always introduce ourselves to your photographer and then we can work alongside each other towards our own goals.

The benefit of powerful zoom lenses on all of our video cameras enables us to step back out of your photographers way, whilst still capturing the shots and the excitement of you and your guests.

Q: Can we choose our own music?

A: Yes. We ask all of the couples we film wedding videos for to tell us what their favourite music is. Doing this makes your wedding video even more personal to you.
Music can be dubbed over the original soundtrack at the editing stage, or added to the natural background sound. If you have any favourite pieces of music, we will be more than happy to include them on your wedding video.

Q: Do we need to provide a meal for the videographers at the reception?

A: Our Terms & Conditions do require that you provide the videographers with a meal. As we're sure you can appreciate it is a very long day for us - often 13 or 14 hours between us leaving home and returning in the evening. We will often be working for most of this time without breaks so a meal at some point during the day is essential.

If we didn't ask you to provide this for us we would often need to leave your wedding venue to find food elsewhere which puts us at risk of missing a vital part of your wedding day. For this reason, we ask that you provide food for us on site.

Most Reception Venues are able to provide staff meals for your wedding professionals at a small extra cost.


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